Baby boomers here the word boom means to increase. In economics, a boom is the period of economic growth and prosperity. The phrase baby boomer refers to a rapidly increase birth rate. Baby boomers refer to the demographic group born after the world war two the era from 1946 to 1964 during this era the birth rate was at its peak. People having age of 52 to 60 in 2016 are the part of baby boomer generation after world war two in the year 1946 the birth rate in U.S is 3.4 million which is the highest birth rate of the American history, and that is the period of baby boomer.

Why birth rate got increased?

There is some social, economic and psychological factor for the increase in the birth rate. One factor is that after the end of world war two, many women who were working with soldiers in the battlefield like doctors, engineers, aeronautical engineers, etc. left their work and stay at home and they think it is the best time to start a family. This action put fire into the fuel, and it triggered the birth rate to increase.

About baby boomers:    

According to a cultural and traditional view baby boomers are supposed to be very hard working and intelligent people. Somehow, this statement is correct because baby boomer generation is one of the generations who are gifted with lots of facilities like good education, food, shelter and many other facilities. Read more here.

Challenges for baby boomer generation:

During the year 1952, many youngsters appeared which the members of baby boomers generation were. It is a fact that if a country has a high rate of young population, it seems to progress more than countries which don’t have a high percentage of young population. It is seen that baby boomer generation when they are young they face many challenges. They have to clear the destruction of world war two and provide people a better place to live. For accomplishment of this they start to work harder to attain a better and stable position not only for themselves but for others as well.

Characteristics of baby boomers:

The Baby boomers generation’s characteristics are remarkably different from other generations. They believe in peace, love, affection and care. Baby boomers generation have many excellent characteristics. Baby boomers are work-centric means they are very hard working and motivated. They have good work ethic and strong commitment to their jobs. Baby boomers are independent, and confident.  They were born in the era of reform and they have firm belief that they can change the world. Baby boomers are very competitive and welcome healthy competition which is useful in enhancement of economic growth.

From above discussion we can acquire two conclusions. One conclusion is that most of the people who were born in baby boomer era are still alive so, this generation can be called as baby boomer generation but when we consider the young generation of this era whose characteristics match with the baby boomer generation we can say that this generation is baby boomers generation as well. There were lots of babies born at that time that is why it is called a baby boomer generation.

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