Characteristics of Baby Boomers - The Good and the Bad Involved

Characteristics of Baby Boomers – The Good and the Bad Involved

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Characteristics of Baby Boomers

In general we all have different types of characteristics, but with the baby boomers generation, they have many different characteristics than us, today. And, there is a good reason for this. Baby boomers were born just after World War II, and this was a time when money was an issue. This can be a good thing, but it also can be a bad thing. Here are some interesting facts about the characteristics of baby boomers:

Baby boomer are still different from each other

We are looking into the characteristics of the baby boomers generation, but you need to remember that each person is unique in their own, special way. There might be some characteristics that you can see in all the baby boomers, but they still are unique people with their own unique characteristics.

We just see that the baby boomers are different in the way that they are thinking and the way that they are living. They don’t have as much stress as what our younger people of today are struggling with on a daily basis. And, the baby boomers don’t really understand the stress levels, because they didn’t have the worries that we have today. For example, the food prices that are rising at an incredible rate and the fact that many people are losing their jobs and people not finding any type of job to survive.

Different and unique characteristics

Studies have shown that the baby boomers have different characteristics from other generations. Making them a really interesting generation.

They have different characteristics because of the way that they have been bought up and because they have been raised in an American military dominated world. They have been raised in a world that was getting better in technology and in hard financial times.

A couple of years after World War II there were only a few people that were without jobs, making their lives a little bit easier than what it is now, all over the world. All these things have an impact on the characteristics of a person, and that is why the baby boomers have different and unique characteristics that other generations don’t have, and never will have again.

Political and cultural changes

If you are looking at some of the baby boomers that are into politics, like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, you will understand better why political and cultural changes, changed the characteristics of the baby boomers. They don’t have the struggles during their childhood years, which our children have today.

Characteristics of Baby Boomers

Politics, culture and political leadership are just to name a couple of reasons why the characteristics of the baby boomers are so different from other generations.checkout latest information at

When we are looking at baby boomers, we see a generation that is a lot different from the generation that we are today. There are many different and interesting reasons why they have different characteristics than us, or any other generation. The baby boomers generation had a much different life than anyone of us today.

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Baby Boomers: Exercising Just Got Easier for You!

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Baby Boomers

Exercising is important for everyone, even for the baby boomers generation. In fact, the older we get, the more important exercising gets. But, it gets harder to exercise as we get older. This is why it is essential to get as many exercising tips as possible, to ensure that you are making exercise easier for yourself. With these tips, even baby boomers can start doing exercises and making it easier for yourself.

Talk to your health care provider

Before baby boomers can start doing any exercise, it is really important to make sure that you are talking to your health care provider first. There are some exercises that are really dangerous for certain health conditions.

Your health care provider will be able to tell you if it is going to be safe for you to do certain type of exercises. This is especially important to see a health care provider if you are having health problems and can’t do just any exercises. You don’t want to worsen your health problems by doing the wrong type of exercises.

Warm up

Another important tip for any baby boomer that wants to start doing exercises easily, is to warm up correctly before you can start doing any exercises.

So many people don’t do the right warm up exercises, and the result is sore and painful muscles or even injury. For baby boomers, it is even more important to do the right warm up before starting any form of exercise. If older people are injuring any muscles, it takes a long time to heal, before you can start doing any exercises again. You can get the correct warm up techniques from any fitness trainer at a gym.visit their official website for more information.

Wearing the right shoes

Many of us are making the mistake to do exercises in any type of shoe. But, this is the reason why many baby boomers are starting to struggle with sore ankles and feet.

It is really recommended that anyone, especially the older baby boomers, invest in a good pair of shoes that are designed for doing exercises and running. Don’t buy the cheapest pair of shoes that you can find, because they are not going to give you the support that you need to prevent injury.

Don’t start training on your own

Baby Boomers

Even if you see your healthcare provider before you start training, it is really important not to start doing your training all by yourself. There will be a huge change and if you are going to do the exercise wrong, you will risk serious injury. It is better to hire a fitness trainer or go to a gym that offer’s a fitness latest news at

We all hate doing exercise, even if we know that it is important for our health. For baby boomers doing exercises are even more important because the healthier your body is, the healthier and fit your heart will be. With these tips baby boomers can exercise without any problems and it will become easier to start getting fit and healthy.

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Baby Boomer Statistics – keeping the Count right!

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Baby Boomer Statistics

There are so many rumors about how many baby boomer there really are still alive, and rumors about how many baby boomers was really born just after World War II. And finding the right information can be quite hard. This information offers the correct statistics about the amount of baby boomers that were born and how many really are still alive today.

The statistics about the amount of baby boomers that were born

The official statistics have shown that there were 76 million baby boomer babies born. This statistics came out in 2014, by the U.S. Census Bureau. This is just the births in the United States of America. And, during the period between 1946 and 1964. This period was named the baby boom period and is why these babies are called baby boomers, even today.

Though this can’t be proven, many of these baby boomers died while still children, because of the circumstances where they were born in. There are no available statistics to show how many of these 76 million baby boomer babies became adults.

Statistics of baby boomers in 2012

After the census in 2012, statistics have proven that of the 76 million baby boomers, about 11 million have already died. Making the count about 65 million baby boomers that were still alive in 2012. This is also just an estimate that can be found at the U.S Census Bureau.

But, the moment that you include immigrants that were born during 1946 and 1964, the life baby boomers is at the end of 2012 standing on 76.4 baby boomers living in America.

In the future

The U.S. Census Bureau calculated that in 2021, there will be an estimate of 61.3 million baby boomers still alive. Those people that were born during 1964 will then be at the age of 65. This is the last year of the baby boomers being born.

By 2031, there will only be about 58.2 million baby boomers still alive. Remember this is with the baby boomers that were born in the U.S, and those who was born during the baby booming period, that immigrated to America. This isn’t just the U.S born baby boomers can get another set of information by going to

These statistics that were calculated for the future can’t really count as proven statistics, because this is only an estimate. The calculations were done, according to the amount of deaths the last couple of years. There is no proven record that this will be the amount of baby boomers still being alive in 2031.

Baby Boomer Statistics

We might want to have proven statistics about the amount of baby boomers that were born during the baby boom period, and the amount of baby boomers that are still alive. But there aren’t any proven documents that can prove these statements.Learn more updates straight from the source.

These are statistics that the U.S Census Bureau calculated. If you want to have the short version of the amount of baby boomers: There were about 76 million baby boomers born in the U.S, and in 2012 there were a total of 76.4 baby boomers that are living in America. Some are counted as the baby boomers generation, but they weren’t born in the U.S.

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Baby Boomer Retirement: What might be missing from their retirement plan?

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Baby Boomer Retirement

When it comes to the baby boom generation, there might be some important things missing from their retirement plan. Making it harder for them to survive when they are retired and need to take care of themselves. It is important to make sure that a retirement plan is up to date and that your retirement plan will be enough for the rest of your life. However, there are some things that a baby boomer doesn’t really consider and that might be missing from their retirement plan.

A budget to properly fund their retirement fund

According to studies and surveys taken, there are about a third of the baby boom generation that doesn’t stick to their budget each month, and that they don’t save any money, or enough money for their retirement.

There are a couple of the baby boomers that are having a great retirement fund, where they are saving money monthly in, and they will have enough money for when they are retiring. However, those who don’t have a budget, or who doesn’t stick to their budget each month, are not saving money into their retirement funds. Meaning that they will not have enough money, the day that they are retiring.

And, if they can’t stick to a budget now, before they are retiring, they will not be able to stick to their budget when they are retired and have a limited amount of money each month.

Don’t have a defined withdrawal plan

Another thing that most baby boomers don’t have in their retirement plan, is a defined withdrawal plan for getting their retirement money, after retirement. This means that they will not have access to their retirement plan, or they will be withdrawing more money than needed, and they will end up without any money left to live on, once they are additional tips at

No matter if you are a baby boomer at the break of going on retirement or if you are younger and have a couple of years working left, if you have a retirement plan, you need to make sure that you have a defined withdrawal plan. If not, it might be time to go to your broker and make sure that you know what you can do to get a defined withdrawal plan. Then, you will know that when retirement comes, you will not be without money, or have access to too much money, and will let you without money, in no time.

Baby Boomer Retirement

Senior couple on cycle ride in countryside

The one thing that baby boomers don’t really think about, is their retirement plan, or if their retirement plan is up to date. There are a few baby boomers that are updated with their retirement plan, and that has enough money to survive after retiring. But, there are some baby boomers that have some important features missing from their retirement plan, which can make it harder to survive when they are retired. This is why baby boomers should make sure that they double check if their retirement plan is up to date, with enough money to survive.

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