Approaching Women Online to Get Them to Actually Hook Up With You

“Where can I find women?”

The idea of using an online dating site to meet and hook up with women with relative ease is something that is tempting for a lot of guys. Because you are not the only guy who’s trying to hook up with these women online, you have quite a bit of competition. When you have a lot of guys trying to get with a smaller number of women, you have to really try your best to stand out from the crowd. This is a lot harder online than it might sometimes be in person, where your appearance and other physical qualities play a key role in attracting women to you in the first place. In contrast, when you meet and talk to women online, you’re basically relying on your text and maybe a few profile pictures do to the work as far as first impressions go.

This can be especially frustrating if you’re already married or in a committed relationship and you’re trying to find a woman to hook up with on the side while being as discreet as possible. One of the best ways to meet women discreetly is through online dating sites, so you will want to learn how you can best present yourself and approach women online to actually get a hookup or a one-night stand.

Find Sites That Are Actually Worth Your Time

“Do your research and find some good dating websites”

One of the biggest factors in getting to meet women online is the dating site that you’re choosing to use. You should always have several sites to choose from so you can cover the maximum ground, so to speak, but you don’t want to bother with sites that aren’t any good. Sites like are a total waste of your time because of how poorly put-together they are, and you should steer clear from these types of sites.

But how can you know which sites are good and which are bad? One of the best ways of finding the sites that are worthwhile is looking up reviews of sites to get laid and hookup sites. Reviews are almost always written by men just like you who are looking to hook up with women without having to deal with the issues that a lot of other sites have. When you read reviews on sites to use when you want to get laid, you should keep an eye out for reviews that talk about how easy the site is to use and how many women are actually using the site. Bad dating sites wind up not having many interested women using them, making it much more difficult to even find someone to send a message to.

You should also keep an eye out for reviews of sites to get laid that seem like they were written by someone who didn’t actually use the site. The best reviews will contain specific details about the site and its layout, not vague anecdotes about how it did or didn’t work for them. Some reviews may be misleading and some may be unhelpful, but the more you read the more likely you are to find a site that will work for you. Beware, there are many scam sites in this niche. But it is not that tough to spot a scam site. Check out JustHookup review by GLSR and know the various components which will help you in site comparison.

Don’t Send Out a Lame First Message

“Send a great message which catches her eye”

Sending a good first message to the women you’re interested in hooking up with is one of the most important steps towards getting a hookup. Remember that the women you’re messaging have probably been sent plenty of terrible messages on sites like, so you want to make yours as good as possible. These women are getting plenty of messages every day, so unless you send out a message that is particularly interesting or memorable she will likely not even respond to you. You have to know how to craft the perfect first message so that you won’t be ignored and you can get talking to as many women as possible.

Never send a message that’s just one word, even if you’re trying to send out a message to the maximum amount of women as possible. No woman is going to respond to a message that just says hello unless she is truly desperate, which is a rare occasion anyway. Likewise, try not to send out a message that is obviously copy-pasted to all the women you send a message to. Your best bet is to send a short message about yourself and what you are looking for, and add in some details about her from her profile to show that you’re interested in her and not just meeting any woman at all.

Even though you are likely trying to hook up with a woman or have a one night stand, keep the heavy sexual innuendo out of your first message at the very least. Women are not very likely to respond positively to this type of attention on a dating site, since it might make you seem too forward or even too desperate, which is the last thing you want her to think. Keep it mostly classy and you should be fine.

Make Your Intentions Clear

“Tell her that you want a one night stand”

It might seem like a good idea to pretend you want something like a casual relationship or a long term relationship when you are talking to women on dating sites, but if you’re looking for a hookup or one night stand, you should make that clear. Women who just want flings do exist, so you should be trying to find them instead of trying to convince women who want a relationship that they should hook up with you. Not only will these women be clingier, they will be harder to sleep with and harder to get rid of.
Be up front about what you’re looking for. You should try and find a friend with benefits who wants to hook up a few times without having a serious dating relationship. Whatever it is you want, make sure the women you’re talking to knows that’s what you want. Lying to her will probably only lead to a huge mess later on, so you should spare yourself the trouble and make sure you are open and honest about what you want. You should avoid being too crass about it and try to avoid making things uncomfortable for her while still making it plain that you’re looking to hook up or have a one night stand with a woman, not a long term relationship. This will save you trouble later down the line if you wind up with a woman who gets overly attached.

Being open about what you want out of a hookup can be beneficial for several reasons. If you honestly tell a woman that you only really want to hook up, you’re more likely to wind up finding the women who are fine with one night stands and will be drama-free and easily move on afterwards. You may also find women who are looking to experiment in bed, and knowing that you want to hook up might be just what they need to really open up about what they want. You may be surprised by how willing women are to talk about what they want in bed, especially if you meet them online, which is a type of communication that encourages openness.

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How to Speed Date without Making it All about You

One of the more interesting options that has developed from our busy lives is the speed date. While you can spend all night digging through online personals site ratings for the perfect place to find the perfect person, occasionally stepping out to interact with other singles can be good practice if nothing else. Speed dating often gets billed as that thing you get suckered into doing because your friends are tired of putting up with your single life. The truth, however, is that it’s actually a very valuable way to learn how to make a good impression and gets you back into the swing of things if you haven’t been dating for a while. A little human interaction can do you a lot of good. So consider signing up and take a look at some pointers before you leave.

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

“You have only few minutes to make an impression”

This may seem familiar if you have looked for a job in the past few years, since this is the same thing any decent career counselor would have told you from day one. In case you need a refresher, however; the elevator pitch is a short blurb about yourself that you can give during an average elevator ride that is your best chance of making someone consider hiring you. Speed dating is pretty much the same idea. You have a limited time with each person and in that time frame you have to give them as much valuable information as possible to make them interested in following up with you after the fact. In both cases, you are essentially selling yourself. Because of this, you need to whittle down the information you need to dispense to also include the stuff you want a potential date to know.

“Perfect your pitch”

The best place to start putting together your pitch is what you put in your dating profile after comparing online personals site ratings. In theory, you put a bit of time and effort into drawing someone in through your profile and it amounts to more than just your name, age and general location. Including things like hobbies that are really important to you and if you have pets, for example, might be changes to make for speed dating. Relevant information that shares a little about yourself while also giving her everything she needs to know in a concise delivery is what we are after. For a lot of women, this time is less about your likes and dislikes and more about how you present yourself. Choose words and phrases that make everything you say sound the best that it possibly can. Refer to word sheets for resumes that tell you how to take an active voice in everything you recount so she doesn’t get bored listening to it. Throw something in there about what you want to do or places you want to go in the future so she knows you are looking ahead.

Make sure you practice the pitch you devise. Time yourself. You don’t want the initial pitch to be any longer than a minute at most. In your speed dates especially it’s useful to save as much time as possible for questions between the two of you after you’ve both said your piece. This way you can immediately move to whatever may have caught your attention from what she said, or ask about something she didn’t address. Remember to be as clear and practiced as possible. In the case of speed dating, it’s okay to bring notes, although we wouldn’t recommend it for a normal date. Just make sure you hit all of your points and that you have a general idea of the speed you give them at so you don’t go over the time she needs to do the same.

Know What Questions to Ask

“Ask what you feel important”

When you make it past the initial introductions, a lot of people drop into awkward silence and don’t know how to continue. This is where it’s beneficial to have note cards so you can remember what you really wanted to ask her instead of having a mental flail and awkwardly asking about the weather. Just remember this isn’t; don’t expect to get into sexual positions and fetishes in the first discussion. In fact, if you don’t want to expect a return trip to the website with the high online personals site rating that made you want to try it in the first place, you may want to consider skipping anything to do with sex at all. Remember, she’s there for a potential date, not a hook up. If you want that, just stick with You need a legit site to compare reviews. Is FuckBookNet A Legit Hookup Site? – Read Reviews To Find Out. Choose from the top rated site and make up your mind.

In terms of what you do want to know, take a minute in between practicing your pitch and figuring out what to wear to write down some things that are really important to you. It might be your pet dog, your nephew, or even a particular sport that is just so ingrained in your life you couldn’t imagine living without it. Once you have completed the list, see if there is any way to trim it down or get even more specific in the categories. For example, it might not be a particular sport but a particular team that has some significance for you. Or perhaps she just has to be okay with having pet birds. Whatever the case, try to keep it to five things you absolutely need to have answered, knowing that anything after that probably has a low chance of being answered, but include it just in case.

Having a list of needed information before you go in helps eliminate down time between questions and lets you make the most out of your speed date. It also helps you remain focused on getting her answers instead of just talking about yourself the whole time. When faced with awkward silence, most people are inclined to talk inanely about something they know. In the case of speed dating this often defaults to you and what you’re looking for. By having a list at the ready you can engage her and prompt her to talk a bit more, which will leave a more positive view in her mind because she wasn’t forced to just listen to you the whole time.

Keep it Short, Sweet, and to the Point

“Don’t go overboard – keep it simple”

However you do it, just be sure to keep it short and sweet. Complimenting her is always an acceptable call to make, but only with brevity. Speed dating is a little different from normal dates in that regard, since it is less about giving her a good time and trying to be entertaining. More so its focus remains on the receiving and giving of information in the most compact way possible. The entire point is to mimic the same sort of information we put out in online profiles and chats after the fact, but in person and with the chance to leave more of an impression. That is, if we play our cards right. So remember that she is probably coming to the table just as nervous and geared up as you with just as much to share and just much to learn. Keep your answers short and to the point so you can get more from her as well.

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How to make your online meetings run smoothly: 5 essential tips

The internet has made possible a lot of unimaginable things. Who would’ve thought that business partners and their staff could conduct a meeting even when they are physically miles apart? With the advent of teleconferencing equipment, critical and pressing business meetings can be held amidst the distance barrier.

However, it does not readily follow that just because the technology is available, everything will run smoothly. There are many factors, just as in an actual business meeting, which causes communication to become interrupted or altogether broken.

Here are some tips to ensure that your online meetings will run smoothly.

Inspect all physical equipment before the meeting

In all undertakings involving rather sophisticated technology, glitches or malfunction can occur. You don’t want such to happen right in the middle of an important discussion. That can be very frustrating. It’s a must that you inspect all your equipment and your connection before the meeting starts.

5 Important Tips for Successful Web Meetings

5 Important Tips for Successful Web Meetings

Create a concrete agenda

Meetings are held for a purpose. A meeting without an agenda is like being tossed in a sea of turbulent waters, you’ll never know where the waves are going to hurl you next. Make sure that you have a solid list of items to be discussed and most importantly, stick to it!

Make your discussion or presentation concise

Nothing can be more tiresome than a discussion that goes on and on and round and round in circles. An overworked and drawn out speech makes any listener restless and bored. Such discussion usually fails to fulfil its purpose because it has already failed to engage attention. So always drive your point early and clearly.

Make online meetings run smoothly

Make online meetings run smoothly

Choose a conducive venue

Just like in actual meetings, background noise can be a distraction to the flow of a meeting. Take the initiative to choose a spot that is quiet enough. Avoid areas near roads, airports, marketplaces, and other heavily crowded places. It is also a sign of respect to your colleagues who have probably gone to great lengths to make detailed preparations for the meeting. An enclosed space like a quiet work room or a reading nook is an ideal spot for doing this.

Avoid multitasking

While it is perfectly possible to do multitasking on a computer, it is highly unethical to be doing other stuff while a meeting is ongoing, however inconspicuous it may be. By all means, avoid using other programs or apps like Facebook or Twitter out of respect for your colleagues. Besides, multitasking during a meeting can be quite risky as you do not want to be missing a very important detail. Always pay full attention.

Computer technology has allowed us to defy barriers of time and space. Indeed, with teleconferencing, people halfway across the globe can come together and talk about critical details of a business. But remember that despite the radical changes in the way we do meetings nowadays, the same ethical principles apply. Technology shouldn’t make us less human. 

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Save Money with these Five Easy and Low-Cost Energy-Saving Steps at Home

The economy today has taught people lessons. These are lessons that definitely trigger the mind and pockets of every individual. With the mounting costs of fuel, goods and other resources, it is just right that one should cut costs whenever possible. In these tough economic times, we can start cutting costs through saving energy at home. Saving energy means saving money. But, everybody in the house should take part in this regimen to see a real difference in your bills. Waiting for the government to answer such crisis is never the idea. This has to start within ourselves.

Listed are ways to save energy at home and save money at the same time.

  • Make sure to completely turn off the faucet when thru consuming water. This can sound really easy but it is the simple things that matter big. Have you seen sinks that are dripping when not in use? Every drop of it can cause you money to drop as well. Yes, they could just be drips, but hours or a whole day being left like that could accumulate into pales or even tubs of waste water. Try to invest to have it fixed. You will see that it is all worth it.

  • When you decide to leave home, open or close your blinds. When is the best time to open blinds? Well, blinds should be opened during winter times. This can take benefits from absorbing solar heat. This way, you do not have to turn on your heater once you arrive home. On the other hand, close blinds during summer days. Doing this will keep the warm atmosphere out and the cold air inside. This can save the energy usually spent on using your air conditioner when you arrive home.

Energy Savers Guide: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home

Energy Savers Guide: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home

  • Do not use washer and dryer with just one or two items. Make sure that when you wash and dry your clothes, washers and dryers should be full. If you have one or two items on the hamper, you can do hand washing if it is urgent or if not, wait for other dirty clothes in bulk. This can surely cut short your water and electricity bill.

  • Refrigerator doors should be properly closed. Usually, one common reason of increased electric bill is reckless handling of appliances. Most of the time, someone will stand in front of an open fridge door while checking on foods available to eat. While doing this, loads of cold air comes out of the unit and much energy is absorbed to make it cold again. That way, a higher reading of energy and bill await your wallet.

  • Wear something for the weather than just depending on your home thermostat. Sometimes, you just depend on your air conditioner to control the temperature during different weathers. One way of saving energy is reducing the attempts of using it and just wearing something appropriate to help your body cope against any given temperature, be it extremely hot or cold.

Don't Set Your Air Conditioner Thermostat Like This

Don’t Set Your Air Conditioner Thermostat Like This

Saving energy at home does not need to be complicated and fancy. Just with these pretty easy steps, you find your bills marking out the difference you have been wanting. An energy saved is definitely, a penny saved.

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Home Workout: 3 Power Exercises that Will Make You Fit

Being fit is getting a little more difficult nowadays. You can’t find time to hit the gym. Nothing should stop you from becoming fit and healthy. There’s something you can do even if you don’t have time for the gym. The gym is not the only place where you can sweat out and become more lean and fit. There are actually intense exercises that can be done at home. Not only are they effective, but they are also affordable since you do not have to pay for gym membership.

1. Strengthen your legs and glutes with squats

One of the many exercises that you can do in your home are squats. Squats are very easy to do and it can help you shape your butt. Even by doing a few repetitions only, your butt becomes firm and your legs more powerful. To do this exercise, start by standing with feet slightly apart. Raise your arms parallel to the ground and slowly lower your hips as you begin the exercise. Holding your legs to a 90-degree angle, begin raising your hips. Do 15 to 20 repetitions.

2. Develop chest area and arm strength with push-ups

Another great exercise that can be done within the confines of your home are push-ups. These are great exercises to build upper body strength, particularly the arms. It also helps make the chest well-toned. This is very easy to do. You need to lie flat on the floor while facing it. Arms should be planted straight under the shoulder and slightly apart while toes are also pointed towards the ground. Make sure your body is straight as you assume this position. Slowly lower your body while making sure your body is straight until your chest almost touches the ground. Keeping your core muscles engaged, raise your body and do 10 to 20 repetitions.

Exercise to Tone Your Butt and Thighs

Exercise to Tone Your Butt and Thighs

3. Improve blood circulation with jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are wonderful exercises to improve your cardiovascular system. It can also help you burn useless fats in the body. You start off by taking a standing position. Then bend your knees lightly as you are about to jump. As you jump, bring your legs outside and raise your arms to your head until both hands clap together. Quickly jump back to your starting position. Do around 10 to 100 repetitions of this exercise. This is also a wonderful exercise for warm-ups and cool-downs.

3 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation -

3 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation -

Exercise is always fun to do. Exercise can be done anywhere and should not be limited to the gym. There are a lot of easy and effective exercises that can be done within the comforts of your home. You just need to be motivated and serious in your program if you want to do home exercises. After all, there are no trainers that will motivate you at home and you just have to rely on yourself.

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Places To Visit When Looking For the Right One

It can be lonely sometimes especially if you don’t have a special someone in your life. You try to look for company in your work, in your family and even in your group of friends but deep inside you really long for that someone who you’ll love and cherish and at the same time someone who will take care of you and love you back. You still don’t have your right one because you might be looking at the wrong places. Below are some places to look for a potential date or a potential partner.

The mall

The mall is one place where you can look for a potential love interest. You can strike a quick conversation with women as long as you are not too pushy and overtly excited. A good conversation starter would be to compliment her fashion style and even ask for pointers. You can also give them tips on the best store to get discounts and reliable products. When you try to invite the persons for a quick date, you have a lot of options to take. You can grab a coffee, take her to the food courts or even watch a quick movie with her.

Coffee shops

If you want to meet new people during daytime, you can go to coffee shops for a start. People usually go to coffee shops to get through time because it is quiet. People who go there are usually killing time, bored or reading and studying at the same time. They are usually at the coffee shop for a long time especially If they came there during the morning. The quiet atmosphere and the dead air can be an advantage to those who are looking for a potential partner. One good way to strike a conversation is ask the person to watch over your laptop while you ask for a refill. Once you return, you can already introduce yourself and start a good conversation.

The Mall, London -

The Mall, London -


Last but not the least is the bookstore. Most bookstores have a quiet and lingering atmosphere like the coffee shop. If you love books then you might as well get to know someone who shares your interest. The books that they read are usually a give-away clue to give you an idea what they really are. You can start a conversation by asking if a book is good and asking for opinion on what book is a good read.

The Book Store – J T Jayasingh

The Book Store – J T Jayasingh

Going to bars and entertainment areas are also good places to meet other people. This is because people go there to have fun and meet other people. However, if you are looking for the right man and woman, don’t go to bars because the people that you meet there are likely just enjoying the atmosphere while others are non-committal and are not ready to enter into a new relationship. You can instead look for the right person in the mall or in the bookstore. You should know the right places where you can look for a potential love interest.

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Identity Theft

The internet could be a blessing, as it provides us with endless sources of information and helps us connect with loved ones especially those who are far away. But there could also be times when it becomes a curse, especially when you’re at the risk of online identity theft. Now this could never be a good thing, and if ever this happens to you this is something that should definitely not be overlooked and needs to be taken into action against it immediately.

But why wait until it actually happens for you to take action against identity thieves? This is something risky, it could ruin your reputation which could lead to losing job opportunities, going to jail for something you’re completely innocent of, and in some extreme cases it could risk your life and the lives of your loved ones. So read on for some ways for you to be able to prevent identity theft.

Use an effective security software

When you get a new smartphone, laptop or computer always make sure you have a strong and updated security software installed. This is the first step to protecting you from identity theft, so if you can get the best of the best security software then don’t hesitate to do so. Think of it as an investment to your identity’s safety, because some people can spend thousands of dollars to resolve an identity theft case.

From time to time these security softwares will have updates so it’s important that you keep these updated as these are for the betterment of your smartphone/laptop/computer’s protection, and your information as well.

Internet Security Software that is effective, easy to use,

Internet Security Software that is effective, easy to use,

Be careful with what you click

Learn how to identify scams and spams, as a simple click of these will immediately risk you to identity theft. Often times though these online scams and spams are easy to identify, like a random unrelated post on our wall by your friend with a link on it. Even if it’s your best friend, if you feel it’s very out of character and you feel the least bit suspicious do not click on it.

Confirm with your friend if he/she really did post that on your wall, because if it’s a scam/spam the user would have no idea that he/she even did that. Always make sure that the links you click are legitimate.

How to protect yourself from identity theft (for free) | Fox News

How to protect yourself from identity theft (for free) | Fox News

Start with a strong password

Of course if you have an easy password that you use in all of your social media sites and other things then you’ll be an easy target for an identity thief. If you want to protect yourself you’d want your password to be long and complicated, over 10 words with the use of upper and lowercase, numbers and symbols that have nothing to do with your personal information like age, birthdate, name, etc.

So stay vigilant! And with these ways don’t be fooled again by pesky identity thieves.

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